Bold Business Employment Survey

Bold Business needs your input!

The world is getting back to normal, and employers and employees alike are contemplating which workforce policy is best.

Should working in the office be mandatory?

Should working from home remain the new normal?

Would a hybrid model work?

If you’re a parent who’s enjoyed spending more time with your kids while taking care of business from home, then the workforce policy debate affects you.

If you’re a boss worried about the lease on your office space and monitoring employee productivity, then the workforce policy debate affects you.

If you’ve enjoyed saving money on commuting, child care and other work-related expenses, then the workforce debate affects you.

In a follow-up to the Come-to-Me Economy article, Bold Business is conducting important research on work-from-home policies companies are adopting (or have adopted). Help frame the debate by answering just three questions, and the results will appear in the upcoming Come-to-Me Employment story.

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